Thinking of weekends never fails to make my heart skip a beat. I LOVE weekends because of the time I get to spend with my boys.

Still, I get a little bit anxious whenever I fail to think of a new activity. So what I do, I try to add some twists in our weekend bonding activities that my boys and I will surely enjoy.

Below are several activities that family often enjoys and I your family could try them as well.

Visit an arcade

My son loves playing in arcades but the sad part for us is the waiting for him to finally finish playing. Although we have a budget, sometimes it takes a lot of time before he accepts that his arcade hours are over.  So the twist here is to add a competition to take the arcade bonding experience to the next level. I team up with my son and we play against my husband. The “team” having more tickets can choose which snack to have. And of course, the other one has to pay for the snack.

Dress Up A Costume

Since my son had his first Halloween Trick or Treat, he can’t get over the idea of dressing up in a costume and getting lots of sweets. The twist here is that you can recreate this at home like a mini-cosplay of your child’s favorite cartoon. The materials should be anything found at home.

Fun with the Bedsheets

Remember the time you made your first fort? I do and I still make them. I also taught my son how he could make his own fort using pillows. The twist in here is making a bedsheet fort for each of the family member. My husband usually resides beside the computer. Our son bought the mattress lot so I can only have the lot near the dresser.

One of the best advices I got for family bonding is that the activity should only be for the child. Sometimes we focus only with the child doing the activity but it is a lot more fun and memorable when all the family members join the games and contribute to the bonding activity.